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     Zhe Jiang Yongwang Welding Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company manufactures and processes welding rod, welding wire, welding ring, scaling powder and other products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system and is one of the members of Tungray Group. Our company is located at the foot of Jinhua Jianfeng Mountain with beautiful scenery, backed by Jinhua Shuanglong Scenic Spot and Historic Site, and leaned on Hang-Jin-Qu Expressway, its information is developed and transportation is convenient. It is one of the professional brazing filler metal manufacturers in China.

      For a long time, our company has close cooperation and common researches with scientific research institutions; it traces advanced levels in the world, continuously improves technical skills, and strives to develop the new products that adapt to the requirements of users so as to make its products further close to the market. At present, our leading products include three major series and more than 30 varieties and specifications, welding rod, welding wire, welding ring, and soldering paste. We can also develop corresponding brazing filler metal products and special specifications according to customers' production requirements. After years of efforts, our products are widely used in air conditioning, refrigerator, refrigeration accessories, electromechanics, lamps and lanterns, bathroom accessories, glasses, instruments, meters and other industries, and are favorably reviewed by the majority of users!

      Our company insists on the policy that "technical innovation oriented", adheres to the tenet that "quality first, making users satisfied", and strives to develop and offer products and high quality services satisfying the needs of customers! The good faith, strength and product quality of Jinhua Yongwang Welding Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. obtain the approval in the industry. Welcome friends all walks of life to come for visit, guidance and business negotiation.
About Us
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